Pragya Goenka
2 min readJun 7, 2020


After , finalizing on the brief , we made a activity flow chart for the product. We need to do a task analysis.

Human brain posses a rather fantastic ability of habituation. But in case of designer this is exactly what works against us. We are supposed to see inconveniences, that our brain ignores while doing a certain task. Task analysis is the detailed analysis of how a given task is accomplished. Task analysis includes breaking a the task into smaller stages, this in turn allows us to understand the complexity of task in better ways, as seemingly simple task can be very complex. Thus, allowing us to see those inconveniences.


In my case , I had different activities associated with the task(using the bucket).But at the same time , they all had a lot of common activity flow stages. The activity chart for mopping are as follows:

  1. Placing the bucket under the source of water (tap , hand pump etc.)
  2. Starting the flow of water , to fill the bucket.
  3. Waiting for the water to reach the desired level.
  4. Adding the floor cleaning agent.
  5. Moving the bucket to the area suppose to be cleaned.
  6. Dipping the mop in the solution.
  7. Squeezing the excess water out of the mop.
  8. Mopping the floor .
  9. Repeating 6, 7 and 8 until the whole area is done.
  10. Taking the bucket inside draining area.
  11. Pouring the dirty water out of the bucket .
  12. Cleaning the bucket.
  13. Putting the bucket back to the storage.

While making the flow chart some questions just popped up in my head . So, I wrote them down on a separate paper with other basic questions about the product . I tried to answer some too , though it is still in progress here is a piece.

I will post the rest soon.Thank you.