The Bucket List- 1

After a little playing around the product and context , we are onto writing a design brief . Coming up with a suitable design brief is a difficult as well as important step in a design process.

The design brief is a rope which allows to explore the certain area in all the directions while keeping you tied to the purpose of your project. It helps you not to get lost and when you do find your way back .

Language is as important as any intent in a design brief . And that’s why we were asked to write it in a language we are comfortable with. Writing an open yet particular (lack of any suitable word , I can think of) is a challenging task . It made me question the very fundamental of my product ‘ Why was it even created by human kind?’. I haven’t finalize my brief yet but here are some of my attempts to reach it. ( sorry for my horrible hand writing ).

Best one out of three


After a little more paper and a lot more jumble words , I finally decide on my primary brief. Here it is now(bear with my handwriting).

‘To design a container for water to reduce physical effort in household chores for elderly people.’




Industrial Designer , NID Andhra Pradesh

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Pragya Goenka

Pragya Goenka

Industrial Designer , NID Andhra Pradesh

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