Bucket story-8

Pragya Goenka
3 min readJun 17, 2020

Keeping the focused user and context in mind, we now have to develop upon features of our product. Keywords are really important when it comes to feature development. Listing down what you envisioned your product as really helps, and in turn shapes the product.

To move further I took a step back and looked at everything I’ve found, made and read about the product. All the research gave me a vague idea of the pain points I need to work on.

My biggest concern during defining the features is over ambition. We all agree a perfect product is hard to come by in real life. So to avoid a mistake , I tried to make it knowingly. I listed down all the features of a perfect product that came into my mind according to the context and now, I’ll eliminate the ones I find less relevant or needed.

Staring at the words reminded me of few products I had looked into earlier. So , I studied those products through the keywords I came up with, to draw some inspiration.

This simple and traditional product checks of many features .Although not perfect matka has a simple yet effective form. Not only mathematically ,but also ergonomically. The only drawbacks were it’s weight, brittleness and it’s manufacturing process. But changing the material to polypropylene , makes it light weight , durable and mass manufactured.

Mashk or Bhisti is a water bag use to transport water in India . Recently, drawing inspiration from mashk a plastic bag to carry water over distances was designed for drought stricken African area. Though solving the problem of transportation , it is not fit for storage of water.

Now brainstorming every feature relevant , I started thinking about them individually.