Bucket List-9

Concept development is a process of developing ideas to solve specified design problems. It is the process of refining a formless idea to a well defined solution to the design problem.

Concept 1

Water bag , one of the first ideas that popped up in my head was of a PVC water bag, that distributes the weight of the water properly . Although not satisfied with the form entirely the concept in general seems promising.The concept was to create something that allows to to carry the water on your back as it can bear a huge weight.

To further understand the concept I built a sketch model with materials I can find at home. Building a sketch gave me an insight into the concept in a way that I realized that my form can break the boundaries of joineries as the bottom can be molded or formed and it doesn’t have to be in a single template like paper here .So , I explored different forms keeping them simple , in different orientations.

Concept 2

Very similar to the previous concept , this one is a product that helps you carry your existing bucket / pot on you back thus freeing up your hands.

Sketch model

This concept was a little difficult to sketch because of it’s nature.So, the sketch model provided a great insight. First thing I realized was the position of join of vertical strap with the top mid support structure was creating a problem for vessels with less height, so I shifted the position and it worked better.


The second detail was the positioning of the straps relative to the main structure at the back. To reduce the effort , the load should be distributed in a way to not stress shoulders entirely , so the lower waist band transfer much of the load to the waist , the shoulder straps are also attached to the waist band in the front to again reduce the vertical stress.

Next detail to look at was manufacturing and material. I tried to use the existing bag manufacturing units in India as India is one the cheapest manufacturer in the world. The main material is heavy duty nylon with foam coating wherever needed. Little rigid ribbing will be provided to necessary areas of either pp or tpr.

Concept 3

The next idea was of a collapsible or fold able product , which can be stored way easily when not in use. The primary inspiration for this product was origami.


Concept 4

Than there was the age old idea which was in my head , since a log time , changes to the existing form to make it more ergonomically.

All the sketch models are way smaller than the original product.