Bucket list -6

  1. Whether the bucket will touch the body?
  2. The center-of-gravity position influences the body sloping angle while carrying the bucket.
  3. The distance between the handle and barrel causes it to swing naturally.
  4. The cylindrical handle causes slipping. Whether the lever is fixed on the bucket? (The fixed one is more difficult to rock) The comfort degree of the handle will influence the degree of tiredness of the wrist.
  5. Consider the elastic structure of the lever.
  1. The right hand catches the edge of the bucket naturally: At this moment, the distance between the shoulder and shank is too short, and will make the muscle of the shoulder and shank tighten. The body also slopes relatively.
  2. The right hand catches the bottom of the bucket:The distance between the hand and shoulder is relatively large; at this moment, one is apt to exert oneself naturally, and can slow down the shank discomfort.




Industrial Designer , NID Andhra Pradesh

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Pragya Goenka

Pragya Goenka

Industrial Designer , NID Andhra Pradesh

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