Bucket list -6

Pragya Goenka
4 min readJun 12, 2020


Chasing my researching question , I started looking at the most important factor interacting with the bucket — the human body. I looked into the effects of using a bucket on human body .

For instance in the cleaning of daily life, hand carrying a heavy bucket frequently is not only the most strenuous job but also the easiest to cause the accident or injury. For instance, while mopping up the floor, you may always walk unsteadily when carrying a filled water bucket, and the water may have already spilled down to the ground. It is so apt to cause the accident of slipping therefore perhaps you must wipe the ground again.

Studying the postures and the way human body behaves with bucket gave me deep insights on some causes of problems we face with bucket. According to some articles, the holding posture and the weight of the holding object will have an obvious influence on the gripping force; there are also apparent relations between the weight of holding object and the height of carrying. In lifting movements of the bucket, strength is needed more from waists, fingers and wrists. So, the design of the new-type bucket should prevent these positions from receiving the unnecessary injury.

While lifting the bucket, the natural balance relation of the body, if people lift the bucket with the right hand, the body on the left will slope naturally, it is balanced and will produce a reacting force in order to support the body. While carrying the bucket, the lever rocking will cause strength center to move, so water may still be spattered out. So, the lever design should be considered the elastic structure to resist the rocking effect while walking. The followings are the causes of spattered water from the bucket:

  1. Whether the bucket will touch the body?
  2. The center-of-gravity position influences the body sloping angle while carrying the bucket.
  3. The distance between the handle and barrel causes it to swing naturally.
  4. The cylindrical handle causes slipping. Whether the lever is fixed on the bucket? (The fixed one is more difficult to rock) The comfort degree of the handle will influence the degree of tiredness of the wrist.
  5. Consider the elastic structure of the lever.

The movements of lifting and carrying the bucket are analyzed as follows: Waist and shoulder are apt to cause bearing. If the bucket is overweight, it will cause the shoulder to slope, the left hand will be lifted naturally, and the waist muscle will be affected. As time passes, it will cause the injury to the waist. When carrying the bucket and walking, the barrel always touches the knee and makes water spatter out.

When you plan to lift the bucket, you generally bend over with waist . And just at this moment, the strength that your waist bears is the greatest. In addition, the movements of pouring water have the following two situations:

  1. The right hand catches the edge of the bucket naturally: At this moment, the distance between the shoulder and shank is too short, and will make the muscle of the shoulder and shank tighten. The body also slopes relatively.
  2. The right hand catches the bottom of the bucket:The distance between the hand and shoulder is relatively large; at this moment, one is apt to exert oneself naturally, and can slow down the shank discomfort.

Next goal was to research specifically grip of human hand , as it will affect the form of the bail directly.

As stated earlier, wrist and fingers are required for the strength but that also makes them vulnerable to injuries. Other than the injuries from lifting an overweight bucket, normally lifting bucket causes red and sometimes swollen hands. The main reason for that is the handle.

The natural diameter of human clench is 2–3cms . Anything thinner than that would stress the fingers when clenched and anything more would loosen the grip . Hence maintaining the equilibrium is extremely important.

Have you ever tried holding your hand away from your body ? After sometimes even empty hands starts to hurt. A similar thing happens while carrying bucket . Due to the location on grip handle in the middle the distance between center point of fist and center line of body increases , thus stress your arm.