Bucket List-5

Task Analysis
Short Listed Questions
  1. The volume to surface area ratio is highest after sphere (which would be highly unstable). That means cylinder allows to have largest bucket with the least amount of material. Thus saving material cost.
  2. The form has no corners, thus less chance of breakage upon impact. The chances of breakage upon impact is the highest , so by with reducing the corners the chances of breaking reduces.
  3. Reducing corners also reduces the chances of people getting hurt while carrying it. Be it the carrier or the people around , there is always the chance of getting hit by a bucket filled with liquid because of the added momentum , swings the bucket while carrying it.
  4. Lack of corners also make the bucket easier to clean. While washing anything in the toughest parts to clean are the corners. They house all that wishes to stay and are difficult to access.So by eliminating them , we reduce the time and effort that goes into cleaning them.
  5. The radically symmetrical form allows the user to pour out the liquid from any orientation.
  6. When it comes to manufacturing , it only requires 2 dimensions radius and height to manufacture.
  7. The forces applied by water at the bottom of the container of the same volume is less in a frustum .
  1. It roll away when put on the side . Have you ever tried to fill sand in a bucket? If yes , you know we need to hold it with one hand to prevent it from rolling away. The same reason account for it’s difficulty to be transported on the back of a bike.
  2. While stalking , this circular shape accounts for a lot of wastage in space. On first glance , it doesn’t seem a big problem , but when we think of mass production and how precious is space in today’s market, suddenly it can cost a lot.



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Pragya Goenka

Pragya Goenka

Industrial Designer , NID Andhra Pradesh